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Welcome to the new Blue Ridge Rocks site! We are excited for this first soft launch! It's been a lot of hard work and things are starting to come together. We want to thank all of our existing social media and website followers who have stuck with us and been patient the last few months. The goal of this launch is to give you a preview of what we have been working on and to get feedback and content suggestions. We plan to do a full media launch on March 15th! The website is fully functional; however there is still a lot of content we are adding which includes a ton of artists and venues that are not listed yet. Please be patient this week while we continue to add these in.

To make suggestions, add in your band or a venue you do not see; there is a new member forum where you can comment with the additions. All you need to do is sign up to be a member of Blue Ridge Rocks.

Membership to Blue Ridge Rocks is absolutely free and is designed to get the community interacting together through our music scene blog and members only forum. Members will enjoy access to members only pages, announcements and giveaways. To become a member simply create a login, update your profile information and you are all set. From there you can leave comments in the blog and forum and start discussions and search for other members.

A cool new feature is the calendar of shows. Click on the SHOW menu and you'll be taken to a page that loads upcoming shows. Click the CALENDAR button at the top to get a full glimpse of what the month brings. We have tried to add as many venues as possible to the site; however it is driven by facebook event pages so if you do not see an event from your venue make sure you have added it online to facebook, and let us know in the forum if it still does not show up. We are working on ways to include as many venues and shows as possible to the site.

We are excited for the opportunity to be managing Blue Ridge Rocks and will always be looking for ways of improving the site and features for everyone!

photo by Meagan Iwaniszek



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