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Paul Tressel

“There’s a feeling you get performing that can’t be described. It’s like an addictive substance. Even a bad performance, of which I’ve had my share, while sometimes disheartening, feels better than the best day at any job I’ve worked. If a single person is moved in even the slightest way by what my friends and I are trying to do on stage, I leave happy.”

“There’s a great thing about this city and its size. Almost everybody plays with almost everybody which allows for a constant stream of new experiences. Something I’ve not really seen anywhere else. I’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with so many great acts, and I’ve played in too many bands to count. All styles of music interest me, because they all have the same ingredients, just prepared differently. The genres we’ve played include blues, pop, metal, progressive, r&b, reggae, jazz, funk, country, bluegrass, folk, jam and experimental. I’ve always kind of just been ‘the keyboard player’, but strive to be a voice on stage as well.”

“I want to play all the types before I’m done. And I try to let all music influence me. Lately though, it’s modern fusion that gets me going. I’d really like to spearhead a group that has a truly new original sound. Something no one has ever heard before. A genre-mixing talent powerhouse. Maybe a trio. I don’t know.”

A native of Roanoke, Paul Tressel plays keys for a number of local bands including Groova ScapeTobacco Apache, Dead Reckoning, Electric Chameleon, King of Pop, a Michael Jackson Tribute band, and also with acoustic act Keith Bryant. He first started playing on his grandmother’s antique upright grand piano before receiving his first keyboard at age nine. He’s been rocking ever since, and urges other musicians not to set limits on their music.

Paul Tressel, Keyboardist, plays with The Dead Reckoning, and a variety of regional bands. Photo credit Siobhan Cline



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