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New Music Alert: The Practice Squad

By Ashley Lucas

On April 1st, Roanoke based melodic rock band, The Practice Squad, released their second album titled “The Fighter”. The Practice Squad, who formed in 2013, consists of members Travis Fitch (vocals), Brandon Robertson (drums), Seth Holderfield (bass), Matt Cox (guitar), and Zach Holderfield (guitar).

Previously a part of a cover band, they broke away to write and record their own songs. “Our goal has always been to write honest music that we believe in,” said Fitch. And each member contributes to the writing process. Their songwriting style typically begins with a melody on the guitar followed by the addition of percussion, ending with the lyrics.

The Practice Squad

Recorded at the Ryan Reedy Music Studios in Lewisville, NC, the band’s latest album “takes us out of our instrumental comfort zone,” said Fitch. “It’s gets a little more personal lyrically,” he continued. The new album contains “everything from slower ballads, to fast-paced punk rock anthems, and even a piano driving a bridge to get your head banging and your heart pounding”.

In 2016, The Practice Squad was a featured act at Down by Downtown, and at Festival in the Park. The band is excited to be part of what they consider to be a growing rock scene in Roanoke: “It seems like there have only been a couple of genres in the area for a long time. But when it comes to original music, there are so many talented bands that are hitting the stages all the time, and we are happy to be a part of the growth.” They continued, “there are some pretty specific ‘scenes’ in the region, and we feel like we could honestly fit into most of them. There are elements of our music that anyone can find enjoyable. I think that allows us to reach a greater number of people.”

The latest release from The Practice Squad is available to purchase on iTunes, Googleplay or Amazon. You can also stream it for free here!

Sounds Like: Rise Against, Knuckle Puck, The Wonder Years, Life On Repeat



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