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Jason Davis

Bass player for Monster Atlantic

When I was young, my dad played guitar around the house and I developed an ear for music early. I had a cheap Yamaha keyboard and could pick out things on the radio, as well as what I heard on television. As an only child growing up in the country, you spend a lot of time alone and music was my outlet.

Creating unique, original rock ‘n’ roll with my bandmates is what continues to inspire me to play. After all these years, performing live is still a thrill in so many different ways. The nervousness and anticipation disappears the moment we hit the stage and I feed off the energy from my fellow bandmates and the audience.

What’s on your personal playlist right now? 

My personal playlist changes on a regular basis, but I always tend to go back to my roots. Steely Dan, Motown, James Brown, The Grateful Dead, Robert Cray band. Plus, the Orgone Pandora channel is the funkiest thing on satellite radio!

Jason plays bass for Roanoke band Monster Atlantic.



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