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Corey Hunley

Roanoke, Va

Photo credit: Ashley Simmons Photography

The guitar has been in my hands for almost 30 years and the art of writing a song hits me pretty hard. I’m attracted to a well written song and am inspired to better myself every time I pick up my instrument.  My songs are generated from real life experiences. I write what I live. Family, Fun, Friends, Heartache, Love, the Bottle…and silliness at its best.

My songs are generated from real life experiences. I write what I live.

When it comes to performing, there is no better feeling than being on a stage and catching the ear and eye of a listener. At this point in my career, I try to book the listening rooms or events that have an attentive crowd. That feeling when you play the last note on one of your original tunes and the crowd responds with applause is a rush. I tell folks it’s like golf…it only takes one good shot to keep ya coming back. You can have a few bad shows but as soon as you have that one awesome show, you are back on track.

What’s on your personal playlist right now? 

Right now I’m listening to the Wood Brothers. I’ve always been a huge fan. Other musical influences include: Paul Thorn, Darrell Scott, Chris Knight, Matt Powell, Will Hoge, Chris Stapleton, Gavin DeGraw, J. Cash, Dwight Yoakam, Adam Hood, Amos Lee, the Beatles, The Beastie Boys, Elvis, John Mayer, Merle Haggard, Steve Earl, and Todd Snider. As you can see, I’m all over the place with the music.



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