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Brian Gray

Guitar Lessons

“I’ve been playing music for 23 years and am inspired to play simply by the sheer joy of creating something that will hopefully make someone else as happy as it does me. Performing music, especially for an energetic crowd is a powerful experience.”

Brian Gray is all over the local music scene. In addition to sitting in regularly with numerous bands, he plays lead guitar and shares vocal duties in Stadanko and Sly Devil. You’ll also finding him plugging away at the bass and singing back up with Aurora Observatory. Needless to say, Brian knows a thing or two about performing. Here he shares with Blue Ridge Rocks six tips for aspiring musicians.

  1. Do it because you love it. Not because you think you’re going to make a ton of money. Most likely you never will.

  2. Play with other musicians who challenge and inspire you. Only playing or listening to one style of music makes you boring and one dimensional.

  3. Dig deep into the music you enjoy. Learn about the artists and get to know their musical heroes.

  4. Be humble, there are a ton of other players who are better than you at any given time, no matter how good you think you are. This will never change. Now go practice!

  5. Support other bands. Go to theirs shows and buy their merch!

  6. Don’t let the music be secondary to partying, it will negatively affect your playing and will eventually kill you.

Brian Gray playing a Bowie tribute set

Photo credit:  Meagan Iwaniszek Reynolds.



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